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Private Investigators & Investigation Services in Philippines

SSCPHILS LLC RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS SERVICES is a former division of the Security & Safety Corporation of the Philippines that was founded in 1971 by DR. JOSE B. MANIWANG, PhD, a Registered Criminologist and known as the Father of Security Industry in the Philippines.

SSCPHILS LLC provides due diligence services, individual and company background checks, pre-employment verifications, process service, criminal record and civil litigation checks, personal status checks, assets and property verifications, as well as risk exposure assessments and consultations.

SSCPHILS LLC RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS SERVICES is duly registered with the Department of Trade and Industry of the Philippines No. 2669663 pursuant to the provisions of Act 3883, amended by Act 4147 and Republic Act. No. 863. SSCPHILS LLC is also registered in the State of Maryland Department of Assessment and Taxation under Department ID Number W1369299 with Federal Principal Business Code 541990.

Mr. ANTONIO V. MANIWANG, is the Managing Director of SSCPHILS LLC RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS SERVICES. He is a Certified International Investigator, a World Safety Organization – Certified Safety and Security Director and Consultant, a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Security Professional. He is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security International, World Association of Detectives, Council of International Investigator, World Safety Organization and the International Association of Legal Research and Investigators.

SSCPHILS LLC provides background investigations, due diligence services, process services, pre-employment verifications, criminal and civil case checks, personal status checks, asset verification and skip tracing as well as VIP protections and risks exposure assessments and consultations. Our 50 years in due diligence research services bespeak of our experiences and capabilities.

If you have queries or need private investigation assistance in the Philippines, just click on [email protected] and let us help you. All queries will be handled discreetly and confidentially.

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